UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH—PhD,   Rhetoric, Literacy, Pedagogy, and Composition, 2015

Dissertation: Public History & Social Archives: Towards a New Materialist Rhetoric of Murder

This dissertation studies violence in inner-cities to track the often silent causes and effects

Committee: Stephen Carr (chair), Annette Vee, Paul Kameen, Brent Malin and Byron Hawk

Exams: Passed with Distinction

AUBURN UNIVERSITY—MA,     Rhetoric and Composition, Auburn University, Auburn, AL, May 2010 

Thesis: The Future of Invention: A Case Study

Committee: Michelle Sidler (chair), Marc Silverstein, and Stewart Whittmore

Exams: Passed with Distinction

UTAH VALLEY UNIVERSITY—BA,      English Literature & Literary Theory (minor: Continental Philosophy), 2007

Thesis: Undoing Freud through Irigaray: A Feminist Psychoanalysis  



            Professor of Practice, First-Year Writing Program 


            Assistant Professor of Writing and Digital Rhetoric


            Digital Media Learning Coordinator + Teaching Fellow


            Visiting Instructor 


“Notes Toward Heavy Music as Maker Practice.” Rhetorics Change. Ed. Jennifer Rice and Chelsea Graham. Parlor Press and Intermezzo. Published, 2018.

“Composing the Artist-Medium.” Soundwriting Pedagogies. Ed. Kyle Stedman and Courtney Danfourth. Computers and Composition Digital Press. Published, 2018.

“Digital Empathy: A Practice-Based Research Experiment.” Enculturation.Published, 2017.

“Ethics in the Making.” (co-authored with Erin R. Anderson). Making Humanities Matter. Ed.

Jentery Sayers. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Published, 2018. Print.

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“Empathy for a Rhetorical Education.” Under Review. 

Digital Empathy.Manuscript-in-progress.


“Provocations: Reconstructing the Archive.” Graphic and web design (with Erin R. Anderson) for the inaugural issue in a new series by Computers and Composition Digital Press (2015).

Digital Experiential (review) of Ambient Rhetoric.Enculturation.Open Issue 17. 2014. Web.

Digital Experiential Review (made in Adobe Flash) of Insect Media by Jussi Parikka. Itineration. Web.

The Murder Project.


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and Nathaniel Rivers. Conference on College Composition and Communication. Portland, Oregon, 2017. 

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  “Murderous Materialities: A Compositionist’s Perspective.” Computers and Writing Conference

Pullman, WA, June 2014. 

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 “Forgetting the Dead: Philosophy of Digital Epitaphs and Memory in the 21st century.” Alabama Academy of Science, Livingston, AL, 2009.


“Murder Networks: A New Materialist Look at Violence.” Maryland Institute for Technology in the 

Humanities (MITH). University of Maryland, College Park. “Digital Dialogues” Series. October 2015.

 "How to Digitally Counter the Caribbean." Invited Lecture. University of Pittsburgh. Feb 2015.

“On the Murder Archive.” Detective Fiction. University of Pittsburgh, PA. September, 2014.

“DIY Archives: On the Pedagogical Potentials of Producing Archives.” English Department Pedagogy Panel: “Pedagogies of Production: Students Composing Across Programs.” University of Pittsburgh, PA. Nov. 15, 2013.

 “Murder Networks.” English Department Graduate Symposium. University of Pittsburgh, PA. Feb, 2012.


Critical Soundplay: An Audio Composing Workshop (Co-facilitator). Conference on College

Composition and Communication, Houston, TX, 6-9 April 2016.

 “Web Design.” Digital Pedagogy Workshop. University of Pittsburgh, May 2014. 

A two-hour workshop designed for graduates on HTML and CSS for their own development, as well as their students’ development. 

 “Digital Showcase.” University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2013 & Spring 2014. 

A three-hour event showcasing undergraduate digital work across the English Department. 

 “The Audio Essay” and “Video Remix.” Digital Pedagogy Workshop Series, University of Pittsburgh, Spring 2013. 

Two two-hour workshop series training faculty and graduate student instructors in the pedagogy and practice of audio essays and video remix.

 “Web Design.” Digital Pedagogy Workshop Series. University of Pittsburgh, 2012. 

A department-wide, full-day workshop training English faculty and graduate students in 

producing websites using HTML5, CSS/CSS3, and Dreamweaver.

"Editing Digital Video." DM@P Hands-On Workshop Series, University of Pittsburgh, Oct. 2011 & February 2012. 

A department-wide, two-workshop series training faculty and graduate students in using 

Adobe Premiere Pro video editing software in their own work or in the classroom. 

"Working with Digital Audio." DM@P Hands-on Workshop Series, University of Pittsburgh, Oct. 2010 & March 2011. 

A department-wide, two-workshop series training faculty and graduate students in using 

Audacity and Adobe Soundbooth audio software in their work or the classroom. 




            ENG 1010: Writing—Rhetorics of Sound



            ENG 515: Rhetoric and Fake News 

            ENG 311: Literature and Technology (Honors)

            ENG 307: Digital Rhetoric(s)

            ENG 307: Writing for the Web: REMIX 

            ENG 464: Rhetorical Criticism 

            ENG 308: Composition III—Advanced Writing for Majors 

            ENG 307: Writing for the Web: Digital Rhetoric 

ENG 301: Digital Storytelling—The Story Not Told 

            ENG 307: Writing for the Web: Race and Rhetorical Publics 

            ENG 103: Composition and Research 


            ENG 514: Writing Program Issues 

            ENG 530: Directed Research on Critical Race Theory and Rhetoric 

            ENG 530: Directed Research on Metamodernism and Rhetoric

ENG 566: Methods for Rhetoric and Composition 



ENGLIT 399: Narrative and Technology

ENGLIT 354: Public and Professional Writing

ENGCMP 610: Composing Digital Media—Vulnerability 

ENGCMP 610: Composing Digital Media

ENGCMP 200: Seminar in Composition



Faculty Learning Community: Digital Literacy, Fall 2016.

Created/Directed Digital Humanities minor, Fall 2016-Present

Search Committee, Assistant Professor in Creative Writing, Fall 2016

Curriculum Committee, 2015-2018

            General Education Curriculum Committee, 2015-2018

            Head of Majors Recruitment Committee, 2015-2018


Committee on Digital Media, English Department, Fall 2012 – 2013.

Co-President, Graduate Student Organization, English Department, Fall 2011-Spring 2012. 

Composition Curriculum Committee, English Department (University of Pittsburgh), Fall 2011-Present.

Founding member, DM@P (Digital Media at Pitt), University of Pittsburgh (2010-2012) 


Book Review Editor, Enculturation: A Journal of Writing, Rhetoric, and Culture, 2016-Present.

Book Review Editor, Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in RhetoricMedia and Culture.Eds. Cynthia Bateman and Gerald Jackson. 2014-Present.

Associate Editor, Itineration: Cross-Disciplinary Studies in RhetoricMedia and Culture.Eds. Cynthia Bateman and Gerald Jackson. Fall 2012-Present. 

Associate Editor, The Best of Rhetoric and Composition 2011: Essays from the Independent Journals, Eds. Steven Parks, Brian Baillie, and Stacy Waite, Parlor Press, 2013.

President, Gender Studies Club, UVU, 2006.


200-hr Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance, Shanti Yoga Shala, New Orleans, 2019.

Digital Showcase. Downtown Gallery. Salisbury University, Dec. 2016. 

Board Member, Lambda Society (GLBTQ association). Salisbury University, 2016. 

Teacher, After School Prison Pipeline Program, Pittsburgh Academy of Science and Technology, 2012-2015.

Volunteer, Gay for Good, 2013.

Tutor, GED credit recovery, 2012. 

Volunteer, Arts Greenhouse, 2011-2012.

Volunteer, Hip-Hop on Lock, 2010-2011. 


Research Award, Salisbury University, 2016. ($500).

Graduate Writing Award in Literacy, Pedagogy, and Rhetoric, University of Pittsburgh, 2015.

Arts & Sciences Dissertation Research Grant, University of Pittsburgh, 2013

Arts & Sciences Summer Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 2012

HASTAC Scholars Program, Duke University and the University of Pittsburgh, 2012-2013 ($300).

Arts & Sciences Graduate Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh, 2010-2011. 

Graduate Writing Award, Auburn University, 2010. ($500). 

Most Outstanding Student Award, Utah Valley University, 2007. 


            Spanish Conversation Course 301. Tulane University, 2018.

            Race and Inclusion Training. Tulane University, 2018.

            Disability Awareness Training. Tulane University, 2018. 

            LGBTQIA  Training. Salisbury University, 2016.

 “Affects of the Commons.” University of Pittsburgh, April 2014.

Faculty Seminar with Lauren Berlant.

“Materialist and Object-Oriented Rhetorics,” Rhetoric Society of American Summer Institute, Kansas, Summer 2013. Led by Byron Hawk and Thomas Rickert. 

Digital Media and Composition (DMAC), 2009-2010. Ohio State University. Led by Cynthia Selfe and Scott Dewitt. 

 Digital Media Learning Coordinator.English Department, University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2014.

Faculty and graduate student teaching, one-on-one graduate student digital literacy training, workshop facilitating, and curriculum development. 

Digital Media Learning Coordinator. English Department, University of Pittsburgh, Fall 2012.

Faculty and graduate student training and curriculum development.

Digital Media at Pitt Fellow (DM@P). English Department, University of Pittsburgh, Spring 2012.

Digital Humanities research, development, and event coordination. 

Graduate Teaching Fellow. English Department, University of Pittsburgh, 2011-Present. 

Graduate Teaching Assistant. English Department, Auburn University, Fall 2008-Spring 2010.   


Full fluency in French, reading knowledge of Spanish, progressing toward fluency

Fluency in mark-up and scripting languages: HTML, CSS.

Software fluency in Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Audition, Premiere, Audacity